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Administration of Medicine

Pennsylvania State law requires nurses to have a physician’s order or prescription to dispense any and all medication. This means over the counter medication as well as that prescribed by your doctor. To facilitate your child getting the proper medication as directed by your physician it is important to
  • Complete and sign the “Administration of Medication” form. The physician may personally complete his/her portion of the form and fax the form to the school or you may bring a written prescription to be attached to the Administration of Medication form or the label on the prescription bottle is sufficient.

  • An adult should bring medication to the school office. There are hazards to other students when allowing the children to transport medication in their book bags, lunch boxes or on the bus.

  • Medication must be in an original bottle with the proper name, dosage and administration instructions as provided by your pharmacy. Pharmacists will give you a second labeled bottle for school use.

  • A new bottle must be provided any time there is a change in the child’s prescription.

As always, please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns regarding the medication procedure. I will do all I can to assure your child receives his/her medication as directed so that the optimum effect can be achieved.